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  • Date:2012-07-18
Article Ⅰ The present organization regulations are stipulated according to Article Ⅹ of organizational autonomy regulations of Jinsha Township Administration.

Article Ⅱ The cleaning team of Jinsha town (hereinafter referred to as the Team) installs the captain to coordinate team works, command and supervise the subordinate staff under the orders of the town mayor.

Article III Tasks of the team are as follows:

1.  In relation to advocacy on environmental education, pollution petition.

2. In relation to the removal, collection, transportation and disposal of waste.

3. In relation to the road cleaning and ditches dredging.

4. In relation to resource recycling.

5. In relation to environment cleaning and maintenance and environmental sanitation and disinfection.
6. In relation to the treatment of wild dogs.

7. In relation to the acquisition of the dump land and related usage management.

8.  In relation to waste disposal.

9. In relation to the inspection, repair and maintenance of clean vehicles.

10. Other affairs in relation to the management, supervision and assessment of cleaning work.

Article Ⅳ The Team installs one captain and one clerk.

Article V  The accounting of the Team is served concurrently by the controller of the township administration.The personnel management is in accordance with transaction management rules and other laws and regulations.

Article VI The official rank and number of employees of the Team will be otherwise specified in the table of organization.

Article VII The echelon schedule of the Team shall be drawn up by the Team and submitted to the township administration for approval.

Article VIII The present regulations will come into force from the date of promulgation.