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  • Date:2012-07-18

The industrial structure of this town is based around agriculture and commerce as a close second. As for agricultural development, the arable land area of this town includes more than 1820 hectares and approximately 1000 hectares remain after a farmland readjustment. In recent years, traditional agricultural development has been greatly affected because of the decrease year by year and by the population agricultural production. In order to try for positive agricultural development and promotion of rural economics for the town, especially under the guidance of the county government and agricultural policy units, we actively implement renovation of farm roads and farmland drainage systems to establish an agricultural group cultivation common management class. With the use of mechanized agriculture, the agricultural production can be done in large areas. Since the promotion started it has become welcomed by farmers from all villages.


     For transportation to the facilities construction: The main lines in this town include Huandao North Road, Huandao East Road, Gaoyang Road, Shaqing Road, etc. The road network is throughout all villages of the town and the total length of the main and minor roads is more than 200 km.


For culture and education: The town is equipped with one junior high school, four elementary schools and all elementary schools have established kindergartens. There are more than 1400 current students and that number is 17% of the total population. In addition, this town is equipped with one library in charge of promoting literary education and it also becomes the center of art activities of this town. In order to advocate physical education, leisure and entertainment activities, this town has completed a compound/stadium for the local residents to use.


     The important water conservation facilities of this town are used mainly for flood prevention and public water supply. They include Ching-Tien Reservoir, Jung Lake, Jinsha Reservoir, Shan-His Reservoir and others. To prevent seawater intrusion and affecting livelihood development, this town implemented the building of Guanao Seawall, Liuao Seawall and Yangshan Seawall with the full support of central and county governments. The total length of this project is 2355 m. There are positive effects of preventing national territory loss and fulfilling the responsibility of national territory protection.